- Dear Ann Landers: Too many parents have no idea what goes on all day in school, and yet, this is a large part of their child's life.
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Dear Ann Landers,
Too many parents have no idea what goes on all day in school, and yet, this is a large part of their child's life. I have heard endless complaints about teachers, homework and administrative problems from parents who will not take the time to get involved and find out how they can help. I have a child in grade school, and I would like to offer these suggestions to parents who want to help their children do well in school: 1. Volunteer whenever you can. You'll get a good feel for the place and for the teachers and the support staff. 2. Go to orientations, open houses and conferences. Meet the teachers. Learn their teaching plans. Get the schedule for midterms and final exams. Find out how your child is doing. 3. Join the PTA, and keep current with what is happening in your school and with the students. 4. Review the textbooks your child uses and the work he or she brings home. 5. Get to know your child's school friends. Meet their parents. 6. Ask about your school's academic test records. Ask the teachers and administration to answer any questions you have. Parents have the right to know. 7. Volunteer for advisory committees and board memberships so you can have a say in the policy of your child's school. Please print this letter, Ann, so other parents can help their children. -- Louisville Mom on the Inside Track

Dear Louisville Mom,
You have made some excellent suggestions, and I am sure they are workable. The bottom line is: GET INVOLVED. VOLUNTEER. Do it for your children. Do it for yourself. This is a win-win situation. Today's column may be one of the most valuable you have ever read. Pay attention!

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Dear Readers,
,This guy is a good friend, calls me a lot. If I don't answer he asks me to call him. Few times he said he would call but did not. Us it forgetful,distracted, or something else?

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