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Dear Ann Landers,
My husband is a wonderful man, 56 years old and highly intelligent. He had an ingrown toenail that was red and swollen and looked infected. I suggested he soak it in hot water and try to cut as much of the nail as he could. Well, Ann, I caught him soaking his toe in my good crock pot. I went ballistic. He insisted that a little hot water and soap would clean the pot up just fine and I had no reason to fly off the handle. I threw the contaminated pot in the garbage. The next morning, I discovered he had put the pot back in the cupboard. I took it with me to the office and threw it out there. Was I wrong, Ann, or am I married to a man with the brain of a flea? -- Grossed Out in Stockton, Calif.

Dear Stockton,
Sorry, dear, but you threw out a perfectly good piece of crockery that would have been OK after a thorough scouring. It could be that after seeing your husband's infected foot in the pot, you could not bring yourself to cook in it, but actually, the problem was more in your head than in the pot. Should your husband get another ingrown toenail, ask him to use an aluminum pail instead of a cooking utensil. And while we're on the subject of toenails, they should be cut straight across. Sorry if I ruined some breakfasts out there, but this information is something you need to know, folks.

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Reader Comment
After the idiot husband stuck his infected toe in a cooking utensil I would not use it again either. She should have sent it to you, Ann since you think it would be fine to put food into it again. She needs to put a lock on the pantry or cabinet where she keeps her cooking utensils so he can't do something this stupid again! Get him a plastic dish container to soak his foot (and his head) in so that it won't be used for anything else. Those are also good for generally soaking soar feet in. I use one strictly for this purpose. The man is an idiot and your advise is so wrong on this.

C's Comment
Although what the husband did is gross, Ann is correct. Just disinfect the pot and try and forget the image. Provide him with something else for the future. And yes, toenails straight across and perhaps a visit to the foot doctor or a medical pedicure. Honestly, sterilization processes are for a reason. They work.

Reader Comment
I agree with the first reader comment. I also use a plastic dish container strictly for soaking my sore feet. That man is so wrong and so are you, Ann. C's comment also belongs in the "so wrong column". Some people are just ignorant about disgusting habits.

Gloria Williams,is my name, from Ohio ,United State Of America,living with bad breath just like living in hell, is really disgusting

Rxn's Comment
the germaphobe generation created by overly protective helicopter parents. walk into the kitchen of your favorite restaurant or go inspect the condition of commercial farms raising chickens cage free. if germs remained after cleaning and sterilization, the world would have a large reduction in population. Might want to avoid all processed food and meat while you are whining.

TJV in NJ's Comment
The "ignorant about disgusting habits" cracks me up - you put muscle tissue from an animal thats been dead for days in your crock pot... you think a foot is worse?

Bubba's Comment
Put some water in the pot a boil it. It that point it is a million times cleaner than your tooth brush.

Annmarie's Comment
Response to Bubba: Are you for real? "Put some water in a pot a boil it." Put some water in a CROCK POT and boil it"?????

Ann's Comment
I wouldn't have been happy about it either, but it was a good idea! Soap and water would clean it up. By the way, if that is your biggest issue with this man, go buy him a heated foot bath.

kayemmdee's Comment
Your husband is right. The pot is NOT "contaminated" or unhealthy. A good washing with hot soap and water will clean it up fine. Just think -- if we had to throw out every single item that had come into contact with a dirty hand, a dirty foot, or a dirty mouth (instead of washing and reusing them), our landfills would be full of perfectly good items.
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