- Dear Ann Landers: This is not a "how we met" letter; this is a "how THEY met" letter.
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Dear Ann Landers,
This is not a "how we met" letter; this is a "how THEY met" letter. It was at my house over dinner. My daughter had asked me to invite two of her friends who didn't know each other. No matchmaking, just a nice dinner. Conversation during the first course was animated and amicable. By the time the main course came around, the conversation had taken a sharp turn. I realized I had two politically polarized individuals, one conservative and the other liberal. By dessert, they came very near to pelting each other with key lime pie. After dinner, they went their separate ways, and I said to myself, "That was certainly a disaster. Those two hated each other." Three weeks later, my daughter phoned to say, "Well, they're engaged." I thought to myself, "That marriage is going to be a catastrophe. Those two are like fire and water." Well, Ann, they have been married 27 years and are the most loving couple I've ever seen. Whoever said opposites attract certainly knew what he or she was talking about. -- Coral Gables, Fla.

Dear Coral Gables,
I learned long ago never to try to second-guess Cupid. You'll get tripped up every time.

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Dear Readers,
,This guy is a good friend, calls me a lot. If I don't answer he asks me to call him. Few times he said he would call but did not. Us it forgetful,distracted, or something else?

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