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Dear Ann Landers,
Nine years ago, I found a litter of pups that appeared to be about a month old. They were in pretty sad shape. I gave five pups to a friend and kept the runt of the litter and named her Jessica. I fed her with a teaspoon every two hours around the clock, and she survived. Last year, I had to have a pacemaker installed, but it malfunctioned, and I needed an operation to replace it. I was transferred to another hospital, and when I awoke, Jessica was at my feet. My doctor had brought her to aid in my recovery. Little did I know nine years ago, when I fought to save that little dog's life, that the day would come when she would save mine. -- M.M., Ree Heights, S.D.

Dear M.M.,
What a heartwarming story. I hope you and Jessica will have many more healthy years together.

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"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them."
-Ann Landers