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Dear Ann Landers,
I just read the letter from "Pat in Avon, Ind.," about the caged dog next door. My neighbor's dog is tied on a short leash, day and night, to a shack in the corner of their backyard. He barks incessantly, and it really gets to me. That poor creature is ignored, except when the owners hit him for no reason. Like Pat in Avon, I approached my neighbors about this cruel and inhumane treatment and was told to shut up and mind my own business. You advised Pat to call the humane society. Well, Ann, I called the ASPCA and was told that as long as the dog is provided with food, water and shelter and receives medical attention when needed, they can do nothing. Something must be done to change the law so these defenseless animals can be helped. What do you suggest? -- Dog Lover in New York

Dear Dog Lover,
The only way a law can be changed is to let your state senators and congressmen know you want them to do something about a law that is clearly unjust. Urge your friends and neighbors to join you in this crusade. I wish you luck.

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