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Dear Margo,
Wonder if you could advise me:I had a falling out with a friend of 30 years. I am feeling betrayed by another friend. This friend secretly plans outings with the friend of 30 years. She feels the need to hide from me that she sees this friend of mine. This friend (the one I feel is betraying me) never knew the other woman until I introduced them to each other. Can you explain this to me? I feel hurt, even mad. - Catty

Dear Catty,
You seem to be forgetting what you wrote, and what I believe to be the key to your problem: you and your longtime friend had a falling out. This means you are no longer close. I don't think they are "secretly planning outings;" they are just not including you because ... the two of you had a falling out. Your feelings of betrayal are misplaced because it is a fact of life that some people, when they are introduced, hit it off. It is a bit grade school-ish to think, "Well, I introduced them, so they should include me." I hope you can rethink the situation in a more mature way.
- Margo

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Good answer.

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Great response to Catty

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Great answer to Catty!
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