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Dear Ann Landers,
With help from various family members, I created the following credo for drivers: Drive defensively. Remember that the driver next to you could be fighting sleep, distracted by a crying baby, combing her hair, daydreaming, lighting a cigarette, shaving, searching in the glove compartment, reading a map, applying makeup, talking on the phone, reading road signs, drinking, eating, adjusting the air conditioning or changing the radio station. That driver also might be suffering from any number of physical ailments that could alter his or her ability to see or hear. Defensive driving means wearing a seat belt, no tailgating, obeying traffic rules and keeping your attention focused on the road. What I have written could mean the difference between life and death. -- M.C., Alamo, Calif.

Dear Alamo,
Thanks for reminding us that all drivers must be alert to the drivers nearby. All it takes is for one of those drivers to be distracted for a few seconds. The result could be a tragic accident.

"Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other."
-Ann Landers