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Dear Ann Landers,
This is in response to "Left-Brained in South Carolina," who needed a solution for dealing with his scatterbrained wife. Every incident he cited, from losing keys to leaving items in odd places, has been done by my husband. Whenever "Charlie" gets ready to leave home, he has to search for his keys, wallet, checkbook or all three. He is also a slob. Any item he touches will be spilled, dropped, torn, lost, misplaced or mangled. His study looks like a tornado hit it. I am organized and neat and never misplace anything, but I am also bad-tempered, inflexible, demanding and a perfectionist. I hardly ever relax. Charlie is easygoing, laid back and not easily upset. Who really has it roughest at our house? -- Another Left Brain in Redondo Beach, Calif.

Dear Left Brain,
I'd say it's a tie, but I'll bet your husband's blood pressure is lower than yours.

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-Ann Landers