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Dear Ann Landers,
Not long ago, I read several letters in your column about the danger of fires caused by lint buildup in clothes-dryer vent pipes. Since my wife religiously cleans the lint filter every time she uses the clothes dryer, I never considered that we would have a problem. After reading those columns, I tried to assure myself that everything was OK, but I was still uncomfortable and decided to disconnect the dryer and check it out, just to be safe. Well, I was shocked beyond all reason when I removed the first section of the exhaust pipe. It was almost 100 percent full of solid lint buildup. I have no idea how any air could have passed through that clogged pipe. I ended up taking everything apart, including the motor fan, which was packed with lint, as well. I thank God your article appeared when it did, Ann, because we were sitting on top of a disaster ready to ignite and didn't know it. -- L.H., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Dear Grand Rapids,
Your letter was one of at least 50 that expressed gratitude for those columns. All who wrote said they had found an extraordinary amount of lint buildup in the dryer vent pipes and vowed they would never let it happen again. I hope those who missed those columns will pay special attention to this one. It could prevent a disaster.

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