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Dear Ann Landers,
My husband and I have a trivial problem, but have yet to get a definite answer, even though we have asked family and friends and even a butcher. Here's the question: Does a chicken have one breast or two? My husband and I are on a calorie-counting diet and were tallying up supper last night. We could not agree on how much to count for the whole roasted chicken we had eaten. I had the breast meat from one side, and he had the portion from the other side. I counted mine as a half-breast, and he said it should be counted as a whole breast, because chickens have two breasts, one on each side. This sounds to me like a "man" thing. All the guys we have asked say chickens have two breasts. All the women say they have just one. We have been married for seven years and have never had a dispute that we could not resolve, so we decided to ask Ann Landers. We both read your column every morning and can't wait to see your answer. -- Miss M in Shreveport, La.

Dear Miss M.,
You need wait no longer. Chickens have one breast. Breast meat is between 30 calories to 45 calories per ounce. Most diets consider "a breast" to be a split breast, which is one-half of the whole breast. Bon appetit!

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-Ann Landers