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Dear Ann Landers,
Last fall, my teenage son began smoking marijuana and was soon totally out of control. I sent him away to a special program for a short period of time. He is much better now, but I was heartsick at the time and could not understand how my son got into so much trouble. Two weeks ago, the truth came out, and I am furious. Last summer, I sent my two teenagers to visit their uncle and aunt across the country. I decided it would be a good way for my brother and his wife to get to know their niece and nephew. I also believed that my brother would be a good role model. I was mistaken. He and his wife smoked pot in front of my kids, offered it to them and made them promise not to tell me. My brother believes marijuana is not harmful, even though their oldest daughter has been in trouble with the law because of cocaine. I remember reading in your column that most cocaine addicts start with pot. My brother and his wife insist there is no connection between their casual use of pot and their child's current problems. I am so angry about this that I am considering a break with the entire family. -- A Canadian Mom

Dear Mom,
A pox on your brother and his wife for introducing your son to marijuana. Be thankful the "special program" was a success, and forget about becoming estranged from the entire family. Next summer, see that your son has a local job, and keep your eye on the companions he hangs out with. This is the best insurance that he will not go down that disastrous road again. Good luck.

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