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Dear Ann Landers,
I am an emergency-room pediatrician and the father of four. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. I frequently treat children in the emergency room who have escaped a major head injury because they were wearing a helmet. And, sadly, too often, I see children who have suffered serious, irreversible and tragic head injuries -- simply because they did NOT wear a helmet. Parents need to insist on helmets and make sure their children wear them every time they hop on a bicycle. My family and I certainly do. -- Bo Kennedy, emergency physician, St. Louis Children's Hospital

Dear Readers,
Please bear with me as I revisit a subject that has produced an extraordinary amount of mail. I am amazed that so many readers are passionate about the importance of wearing bicycle helmets. What follows could save the life of someone very dear to you. Dear Dr. Kennedy: I appreciate your input. And now, here's another letter on the subject.

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