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Dear Ann Landers,
I agree with your correspondent who was upset that a male technician was going to do her breast exam without a female attendant being present. I was also shocked that the hospital was bold enough to state in a letter that male technicians routinely did unchaperoned breast exams. I am reasonably certain the hospital will change this practice after receiving its first lawsuit for sexual harassment or improper touching. I am a busy male gynecologist and would never do a breast exam on any patient, regardless of age, without a female attendant present to protect her dignity and my integrity. Thank you, Ann, for your understanding. -- Brian L. Finkel, D.O., FACOG, Phoenix

Dear Dr. Finkel,
I cannot imagine a male technician who handles women's breasts all day getting his jollies from the process. If there is such a person, he should find other work before someone throws a net over him. You were good to write, Dr. Finkel, and I thank you.

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-Ann Landers