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Dear Ann Landers,
I've read many letters in your column from children who wonder how to get elderly parents to quit driving. I need to tell you about my dad. On his 89th birthday, he was still driving and doing a good job of it. His request for his birthday was that I go with him for a ride and buy him a cup of coffee. We had a wonderful time together. When we arrived home, he handed me the car keys and said, "I've driven more than 70 years and have never had an accident, and now, it's time to quit." It was his birthday, but what a gift he gave to us. You can sign this letter -- Proud To Be Rudy's Daughter, Jamestown, N.Y.

Dear Jamestown,
What a sweetheart your dad is. I hope his example will encourage other elderly drivers to do likewise. It would be the best gift their concerned children could ever receive.

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-Ann Landers